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Pixie3D is an easy to use and powerful 3D software for Windows, built for the creative mind!
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Beta UpdateWindows20 Jan 2019
Beta UpdateWindows18 Nov 2018
Beta UpdateWindows26 Jun 2018
Beta UpdateWindows27 Apr 2018
Beta UpdateWindows15 Dec 2017
Beta UpdateWindows24 Aug 2017
Beta UpdateWindows19 July 2017
Beta UpdateWindows22 Jun 2017
Beta UpdateWindows23 Apr 2017
Beta ReleaseWindows16 Apr 2017

Important: Small tablets cannot run this software due to hardware requirements.

Please note, the available Beta version is not a full version of the software.
The Beta version contains polygon modeling, texturing, rendering and exporting features,
however some features are not available yet, such as undo/redo, advanced animation and simulation features.