What is Pixie3D?

Pixie3D is a 3D software package for modeling, texturing, animating and rendering 3D scenes.
Modern high-end 3D software is very expensive and takes a long time to learn how to use.
The goal of Pixie3D is to make an affordable, powerful and easy to use 3D software.
Pixie3D is the perfect choice for independent developers and artists who want fast results.

At the moment Pixie3D serves as a R&D project and is not a profitable product.
Pixie3D is currently in Beta and does not come with all features intended,
however it is still in development and the full list of features will be implemented over time.
Feel free to download Pixie3D and use it as you desire.
If you have any suggestions or comments please leave a message here.
You can also contact me via my Linkedin profile

Soren Klit Lambaek